Thursday, 2 July 2015


We're enjoying a few days of warm weather at our summerhouse. Finally some proper summerfeeling!! Jr is happy to wave his arms and legs without heavy clothing on!!

The Beard is also hiding in the shadow away from the sun. She actually went inside in the middle of the day as it got too warm for her in her fur...

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

"Summer" in Røldal

Yesterday I was a short trip to Røldal to pick up som gear left there when I moved down from Hardangervidda. Long drive with a slow car that is in desperate need for a check-up at the cardoctor. But at least the sun was shining all day! And there is still plenty of snow for those of you who are keen on some skiing. 

It still looks like Easter at Røldal Skisenter. Really a shame that they closed so early. 

I only had my phone with me, so sorry for the poor picture quality...

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tour des Fjords // Haugesund Sauda

This weekend we were in Sauda. We came from Bergen and were lucky to drive into Sauda just before the Tour des Fjords arrived in Sauda. We managed to see the final part as all the riders came into Sauda. Horrible weather with rain cold temperatures, but a lot of people were along the roads to watch!! Our local hero from Stavanger, Alexander Kristoff, won!!!

On Saturday, it was the more local race Haugesund-Sauda. And the weather was a bit nicer. It was also Saudadagene with a lot of concerts and activities in the city centre for all ages. Great fun! My dear boyfriend participated in the race and finished at impressive 3.26! Jr and I are soooo proud!!!

When we drove back home on Sunday, there was finally a little glimpse of sun and I managed to take a few shots from the car as we left Sauda. Fingers crossed that the summer will arrive soon, it is deeply missed....

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Baby in the mountains!

Our little baby boy was only 2,5 weeks old the first time we took him to Røldal and Haukeliseter. And since then he has been back quite a few times. He likes the mountain air, just like his parents!! 

Not easy to move around in that outfit, but it keeps him nice and warm! And with the sharp sun and reflection from the snow, we find it best to have sunnies on even if we try our best not to have him in direct sunlight at all... 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Baby on board!!

Our life is turned upside down when a little baby arrived in March!! Fantastic, and we love him so much words cannot describe it! But the plan is to continue our traveling, outdoors activities and active life. We just have to make some changes and adjustments and take things at a completely different pace. Stay tuned and see how this works out! I´ll try to share some relevant tips and if anyone has any for me, please let me know!! :-)

The below pics are from Jr´s first visit in my boat on a really nice, sunny day when he was about a month old. Of course the Beard was with us to look after her new little brother.

Spring in Stavanger

Sooooo, long time, no see... Life has again made some big changes and I am back in the city after a couple of years in the mountains. Spring has been cold, but fingers crossed that we get a nice summer then!

Just a few snaps from our summerhouse, where we have had a few days in the sun (in-between the rain...).

The little Sausage is still going strong, and enjoys her favourite look-out point by the window. Every time someone walks by she´ll let everybody know, loud and clear!!!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Norway´s oldest tunnel

Today I´ve visited the oldest tunnel in Norway. It is actually 10 minutes by car west of Haukeliseter. I´ve never known this, but a good friend and colleague had been there and showed us the way. It is located on the old road that goes over the Haukelitunnel. This road is only open half the year when there is no snow. Instead of going through the current tunnel, you take the old road from the sixties and park along the road on the top. From there it is only a short hike towards west. The view on the way is also really nice. And it´s an easy hike even for small children.

The tunnel was built in 1886 and is along the old-old road that crosses the mountain. There is another not-so-old road that goes above the tunnel on today´s road and this is the one you drive along to get there.

In the middle, a few parts are broken, but this actually makes a nice viewpoint and lets some light into the tunnel.

The Beard also came along. Her little friend is trying to get her to sit, but she couldn´t care less... :-)

This year, the mountains have been full of lemmings, these little, angry animals related to hamsters. The Beard loves them, both to hunt for them, play around with them and sometimes eat them. It has been reported that some of them have pest, so I hate it when she chews on them. But so far, she´s not been sick...

"What?! Why no more hunting!?!"